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[pracownicy] UNA Europa Seed Funding

Dear Professors,

UNA Europa launches the first call to support initiatives of long-term collaborative activities e.g. organisation of workshops or seminars, preparation of innovative joint formats for education or research, preparation of joint articles in peer reviewed journals.

The scheme is open to all fields of disciplines and must be led by senior academic (university lecturer (adiunkt), associate professor (profesor uczelniany), full professor (profesor) from an UNA Europa university.

The goals of proposed initiatives should develop and strength long-term cooperation within the UNA Europa alliance by incentivising collaboration.

Funding of up to 9.000 EUR can be provided for a project involving academics of three UNA Europa universities. For each additional participating UNA Europa university, another 2.000 EUR can be applied for.

  • 4 UNA Europa partners: up to 11.000 EUR
  • 5 UNA Europa partners: up to 13.000 EUR
  • 6 UNA Europa partners: up to 15.000 EUR
  • 7 UNA Europa partners: up to 17.000 EUR
  • all 8 UNA Europa partners: up to 19.000 EUR

How to apply

An application for the seed funding should be submitted by the project leader in English and should include the following, as separate documents for upload.

  1. Project description
  2. Time frame for the proposed activity
  3. Detailed budget calculation
  4. Endorsement letters of the respective Dean or Faculty Head, declaring the support of the envisaged project

The deadline for proposals is: 13 March 2020.

The proposed activities should be conducted between July 2020 and June 2021.

Detailed information can be found under following link:

Apply for Seed Funding now

We encourage you to apply and sign up for the UNA Europa newsletter to be up to date with all initiatives

We remain at your disposal for any further questions you might have.


Best regards,

Hanna Gemza

International Relations Office

Jagiellonian University

4 Czapskich Street,
31-110 Kraków


Phone: 48 12 663 30 16


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Data opublikowania: 08.01.2020
Osoba publikująca: Agata Dworzak